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Reindeer Chiuaua 3m

Welcome to The Dog Party

Dogs make us happy. They are always their to make us feel special. Every kind of dog, from shaggy to bald, big to small, from workers to couch potatoes, dogs remind us to love.

When I had children, I was reacquainted with the wonderful book, Go Dog Go by P.D. Eastman. A contemporary of Dr. Seuss, P.D. Eastman told imaginative stories with simple language and colourful expressive drawings of dogs doing un-dog like things. As a child this book made me wonder what dogs were actually thinking about (beyond food and smelly things) What they really thought about. Did they really understand us? Do we really understand them?
This started my love of painting dogs. Capturing their individual spirit and personality is the heart of each piece. Painting them has become a new passion. I hope that they show the whimsy and fun in how we love our canine friends. I hope that you enjoy them as much as I have enjoyed creating them. 

Santa Cocker
Cocker Spaniel Reindeer 3m
Boston in a Orange Wig
Boston Blue Knit Hat
Chocolate in a Lavender hat
Chiuaua Cowboy
Boxer in a pink  hat
Frenchie in a Top Hat Pug Blue and Orange stripe hat 203
Pug Blue and orange stripe hat
Shepard in a blue hat
Winter Hat 7
chihuahua in an orange hat
Daschund Cowboy 3m
Santa Schnauzer Bulldog Pirate 3m
Pug Bee 3m Yorkie in a Red Hat 3m
Pug Bunny 3m
Dalmation 3m Chiuaua Pink Cowboy 3m
Yorkie G Scarf 3m
Yorkie lobster 3m
Corgi 3m
Santa Boston 3m
Super Dog 3m
Boston R Hat 3m
Super Dog German Sheppard 3m
Chiuaua Pink Cowboy full 3m
I like your hat